The Bush administration’s refusal to list the polar bear as an endangered species took a bizarre turn last week when Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne refused to testify at tomorrow’s Senate hearing.

Such a move is typical of politicos trying to avoid criminal charges. What’s Kempthorne hiding? The Center for Biological Diversity will be there to testify, though: Kassie Siegel, who authored the scientific petition to protect the polar bear, will appear as a legal and global warming expert. Help us spread this message to millions more.

And as if Kassie weren’t busy enough, tomorrow she’ll also have to file a motion in our lawsuit to end the delay of protections for polar bears. That will put the case on a fast track to completion. We simply can’t let Kempthorne and his Interior Department hide any longer. We have to force them into the open and make them accountable. We have to make sure all Americans understand the urgency of the polar bear’s fight for life.

But we need you to do it. This is your last chance to help us launch our polar bear television commercial. We need to mobilize millions of people to save the polar bear and stop global warming. And we need to do it soon. The Arctic is melting fast.

Please help us change history by contributing to a TV ad that will reach more than 10 million people. The ad will explain how global warming is melting the Arctic and killing polar bears, and most importantly, that it’s not too late.

We need $50,000 to produce and distribute the ad to television stations across the nation. We’ve raised $37,000 so far from generous online contributors, but we need another $13,000 in the next week.

This will be our last fundraising appeal for this campaign.

If 433 supporters like you pitch in just $30 each, we’ll reach our $50,000 goal and be in production within weeks.

Let’s get the message out before it’s too late.

Thank you so much,

Kieran Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity